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October 2018

Start of a Japanese Study Group for Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainees

Gunma Noukyou Chicken Foods Co., Ltd.

Currently, we have accepted 21 Vietnamese technical intern trainees for the treatment, dissection, and processing of broilers at our company. With so many trainees and them working in the same space, there was a tendency to work without using Japanese in the company, and it was difficult to acquire Japanese language skills only through their tasks.
We took part in the “Technical Intern Training Program-Related Japanese Language Instruction Seminar,” held by the prefecture, from the desire to have the trainees who had made their way to Japan learn Japanese sufficiently, and started a Japanese study group for the trainees from August in earnest.
In the first study group, we had all of the trainees give self-introductions by presenting their names, birthplaces, special things about their hometowns, and the descriptions of their jobs written in Japanese using show-me boards (simple whiteboards made with white sheets of paper in clear plastic file folders).
For their birthplaces, they told us that Haiphong was a lively town, Hanoi had a famous cemetery, and Hoi An was famous for its sweets. The trainees wrote specific tasks for their job descriptions, such as making breast meat, making thigh meat, and removing bones (inspection). Because of this, we added a word of encouragement, telling them that they should work with confidence in their work since everything they had written was what the company had asked them to do.

[Scenes from Workshop]

  • Explaining show-me boards
  • Writing about their hometowns while checking hiragana
  • Presentations were made one by one
  • Some could even write kanji (Chinese characters)

In the second study group, our company president expressed gratitude and encouragement to them for their hard work every day, and told them about the company’s support of Japanese language events. In addition, the trainees made presentations in Japanese about recent company trips, and those listening read along with the presentations. In the next study group, we plan to teach about signs, and have even given the trainees homework.

  • Greeting from company president
  • Presentation of Japanese essay about trip to Disney Sea

Lastly, while weaving together external workshops (Yagibushi Matsuri [festival centered on popular folk song and dance entertainment], pounding rice to make mochi rice cakes, etc.) that let trainees come into direct contact with Japanese culture, we would like to continue this Japanese language study group to learn in a fun way.