Activities of Technical Intern Trainees, etc.

February 2019

Japanese Cultural Social Event

Guardner Co., Ltd.

We have accepted 11 Vietnamese technical intern trainees in the apparel industry and hold Japanese cultural events throughout the year. One such event is participation each year in the Setsubun ceremony at a nearby Fudo temple, where participants pick up beans for good luck.
This year, we presented kamishimo (ceremonial clothing) to wear at the Setsubun ceremony. The kamishimo were sown by the technical intern trainees. They are extremely difficult to make, but with support from veteran employees, they came out quite beautifully. The technical intern trainees also enjoyed learning how to wear kamishimo, which they had never seen or worn before.
I think that we made a contribution to local culture, and it was a very positive experience.

Will it come out nicely?

Kamishimo are difficult to make.

  • Participants yell “In with the good luck.”

    The mayor of Kazo City encouraged the participants.
  • [Impression from a Technical Intern Trainee]

    I was not familiar with kamishimo, but they are very pretty.

    I had worn a Japanese kimono, but this was the first time I wore a kamishimo.

    I was able to participate in the bean scattering.

    Many people came to the ceremony.

    This was a very good experience.

    Thank you for this opportunity.