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About the Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization (JITCO)

Organizational Structure

Fundamental matters concerning JITCO’s management plans and budgets, etc. are decided by the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, and business is conducted based on these decisions. The following structures have been put in place to ensure efficient and smooth implementation of specific operations.

At headquarters, in addition to the “General Affairs Department,” there are also the “Application Affairs Department,” the “International Affairs Department,” the “Technical Intern Training Affairs Department,” and the “Course Affairs Department.” In regional areas, there are nine regional offices. In addition to general staff, there are specialist staff (inspection instructors, technical intern training transfer instructors, Japanese language education advisors, health and safety advisors, mental health advisors, and workplace accident insurance counsellors) and counselling staff for people from overseas, etc.

JITCO's Organizational Structures