Activities of Technical Intern Trainees, etc.

August 2018

Japanese Language Lessons

Guardner Co., Ltd.

We have presently taken on eleven Vietnamese technical intern trainees as sewing machine operators in the Sewing segment of our company.
The work they engage in alone unfortunately does not provide the opportunity for them to become more familiar with the Japanese language. Therefore, thinking it would be good to provide a number of lessons to teach Japanese words and Japanese conversation, beginning with simple things, we recently held our first lesson.
The first lesson began with the basic Japanese alphabet and also covered the various terms that are used in our work and the names of our system equipment.

  • Participants practiced how to pronounce each of the characters of the Japanese alphabet. “I can’t pronounce the ‘つ’ sound. It’s very difficult…”
  • Pairs of participants practiced articulating various words in turn.
  • Many words were learned from using a textbook. The lesson was enjoyed by all.

[Feedback from a technical intern trainee]
Our company organized a study session for us.
We studied the Japanese alphabet and many words.
We also learned the names of various items.
We even received a hand-made textbook. Thank you very much.
We hope to continue to study more Japanese.