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Activities of Technical Intern Trainees, etc.

March 2018

Impressions of a Japanese Production Site during a Plant Tour

The Juridical Foundation for International Personnel Management

After entering Japan, a group of thirteen technical intern trainees (Twelve from Vietnam and one from Mongolia) and four employees participated in a tour of the Consumers Co-operative Kobe Rokko Island Plant as a part of their training.
The tour provided the participants with a valuable experience regarding understanding of the outstanding safety and sanitation management at Japanese food plants and the particular attention that companies pay to their foodstuffs; lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom. The tour also enhanced the motivation of the technical intern trainees before they were assigned to their companies. The technical intern trainees made numerous positive comments about the tour including, “Very clear explanations were provided so that we could understand, and it was an enjoyable and educational experience” and “It was amazing to see the highly efficient and rapid production of various types of foods.” Another participant noted that “the recycling system for raw garbage was extremely interesting.”

  • The participants take a commemorative photo in front of the plant
  • A production line
  • A panel display
  • A briefing on the plant was provided in a conference room
  • A question and answer session
  • A scene of a product explanation

One participant commented, “The melon-flavored bun we received as a gift was delicious. After I start working, I want to buy some.”