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Activities of Technical Intern Trainees, etc.

March 2021

Taking up the Challenge of Participating in a Speech Contest!

World Star International Exchange Business Cooperative

Two World Star International Exchange Business Cooperative technical intern trainees from the Philippines took part in the first-ever ICIEA Japanese Speech Contest, held in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.
With support from World Star and from the enterprise they were assigned to, the technical intern trainees practiced every day during their lunch break and after work, learning the details of how to give a speech, how to modulate their voices properly to express themselves effectively in Japanese, what gestures to use, and how to maintain eye contact with the members of an audience, etc.
On the day of the Contest, the technical intern trainees were able to give their speeches almost entirely from memory, and succeeded in winning the Mayor’s Award (for second place) and an Outstanding Effort Award, respectively, in the Technical Intern Trainee Division of the Contest!

[Remarks from one of the participating technical intern trainees]
Initially, I felt embarrassed and didn’t have much self-confidence, but I’m really glad I kept going and took on the challenge!
The people at my workplace, and the CEO of the company, were delighted that I had done so well in the contest, which moved me to tears!
I never thought that the first time in my life I ever won an award would be in a Japanese speech contest!
I was also able to show my family waiting at home that I am working hard in Japan and doing my best.
I hope to challenge myself by taking part in the contest again next year.