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Overseas Network for the exchange of Information

The organizational structure for information exchange between the sending countries and JITCO

JITCO collects various types of information on organizations sending Technical Intern Trainees to Japan and on the Technical Intern trainees themselves from governmental organizations in sending countries. JITCO supplies this information to supervising organizations in Japan, and also supplies information on the Technical Intern Training Program to the governmental organizations in the sending countries. The basic structure of these exchanges is illustrated in the figure below.

JITCO is an organization specialized in supplying information and necessary services, not a "organization to accept technical intern trainees." JITCO's primary aim is the promotion of the Technical intern training by private organizations in Japan and provision of advice and assistance of the sort outlined in the "Activities" section through the scheme shown in the chart below. JITCO also undertakes to advise, support Technical Intern Training Program for foreign nationals that are suitable according to the related laws.


As a result of discussions with the governments of 15 countries, Record of Discussions were exchanged with the following 16 governmental organizations. Discussions are also currently under way with a number of other countries, mainly in Asia, with a view to exchange Record of Discussions with similar governmental organizations in them.

Country Governmental Organization
1. People's Republic of China (a) State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(SAFEA)
(b) Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization of China (SJTCOC)
2. Republic of Indonesia Department of Training and Productivity Development, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MOM&T)
3. Socialist Republic of Vietnam Department of Overseas Labour, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLAB)
4. Republic of the Philippines Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA), Department of Labour and Employment
5. Kingdom of Thailand Department of Employment (DOE), Ministry of Labour
6. Republic of Peru Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion(MTPE)
7. Lao People's Democratic Republic Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare(MLS)
8. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), Ministry of External Affairs (MOEA)
9. India Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour (MOLE)
10. Union of Myanmar Department of Labour (DOL), Ministry of Labour
11. Mongolia Department of Labour Policy and Coordination, Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour and Labour (MSWL)
12. Republic of Uzbekistan Agency for Foreign Labour Migration Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Social Protection of Population (MLSP)
13. Kingdom of Cambodia Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training(MOLVT)
14. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MOLTM)
15. People's Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment (MEWOE)