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Joint Seminars hosted by Sending and Supervising Organizations

Joint Seminar with Sending Organizations in Indonesia

May 16, 2007
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization

On April 25, 2007, JITCO hosted the a joint seminar in Tokyo with the aim for the certified sending organizations in Indonesia and accepting organizations in Japan to strengthen mutual cooperation through information exchange. Representatives from Research and Development Center, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MoM&T) including Head Maryanto and Indonesian Embassy in Japan participated in the event. Keynote speech was given from both MoM&T and JITCO and case reports were presented by sending and accepting organizations. During Q&A session that followed, the parties exchanged their views on the current issues of run-away and forged passport and their countermeasures.

On the day before the seminar, MoM&T and JITCO discussed measures for strengthening the certified sending organizations, solving run-away issues and providing support for returnees. MoM&T reported that the number of run-away temporarily decreased after they laid out following measures including (1) applying fine or cancelling the certification for those sending organizations with great number of run-away trainees, (2) interviewing trainees' parents, and (3) not dispatching trainees from the region with high rate of run-away. Also, they declared to define strict processes for certifying and evaluating sending organizations and to cooperate with local administrations and Indonesian Embassy in Japan to solve the run-away trainee problem.

A scene from the joint seminar

Discussion with MoM&T