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Support for skills improvement

 To fulfill the objective of the Technical Intern Training Program which transfers technical skills to foreign workers, we provide an array of support services designed to promote the transfer of skills. We also promote Japanese language instruction, as a certain degree of Japanese proficiency is indispensable to acquiring skills in the program.
 More specifically, we provide support for the preparation of technical intern training plans; offer a monetary award to technical intern trainees who pass a high level of a skills evaluation test as an incentive for them to take the tests (Incentive Program for Skills Evaluation); host seminars on how to teach Japanese and transfer skills; provide personal consultation on Japanese language instruction through Japanese Language Education Advisors; and sponsor Japanese composition contests that showcase the results of Japanese language education. Since Japanese language lessons are important both before and after coming to Japan, we also provide useful materials for Japanese language teaching and general information about Japanese language education to instructors inside and outside of Japan via our website (Japanese Teaching Materials Hiroba).