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Consultation and information provision to technical intern trainees

 We make certain that trainees and technical intern trainees are healthy in mind and body and that they are guaranteed their legal rights during their stay in Japan, by providing personal consultation services in their native languages (Native Language Consultation Hotline). We also encourage technical intern trainees to acquire proper knowledge of labor laws which are applied to them in Japan, by distributing the "Technical Intern Trainee Handbook" to all technical intern trainees upon their arrival in Japan via their supervising organizations. The handbook contains important information about relevant labor laws and regulations, as well as essential information about labor conditions and industrial safety and health. In addition to the above, we issue a monthly magazine titled Ginoujisshusei no Tomo (Technical Intern Trainees' Mate) in various languages, to deliver a summary of news in Japan and in technical intern trainees' home countries, information relating to the Technical Intern Training Program, and basic information about relevant laws and regulations.