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Returnee Networking Business

Creating a Returnee Network

More than 400,000 trainees and technical interns have proceeded through programs supported by JITCO. More than 200,000 applicants are requesting advancement into the advanced technical internship program too. Many of these people have returned to their home countries and are achieving excellence.

The purpose of the industrial training and technical internship program is to transfer skills and knowledge into the home countries of the trainees. This is accomplished by accepting workers from developing countries into Japanese industries for a certain period of time. It is vital that conduct follow-up procedures on the returnees to ensure that quality in human resources development is taking place.

JITCO works with governmental organizations within the sending countries to ensure the working environment of the trainees and interns is supportive and successful. In particular, JITCO has suggested more thorough post-training support with China, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Thailand, which send a greater proportion of trainees and interns than other countries.

In 2005, JITCO launched a networking project for returnees in order to maintain a community to promote the utilization of these human resources and also to continue offering a supervisory role.

The following activities have been accomplished:

  1. Supporting Sending Countries in Collecting Returnee's Experiences and Publishing Compilations
  2. Cooperation in Returnee Events