Technical Intern Training Program

List of regular yearly or bi-annual consultation

August 2019

Consultations with the Thai Government Contact Organization

JITCO conducted periodic consultations with the Department of Employment (DOE) of Thailand’s Ministry of Labour in the capital Bangkok on August 29, 2019, during which there was a lively exchange of views regarding technical intern training and specified skilled workers.
The DOE expressed its gratitude for the ongoing support received thus far in relation to the technical intern training system, and expressed the hope that there would be a further intensification of the collaborative relationship with JITCO in the future. In response, JITCO expressed its commitment to the provision of support in relation to spreading awareness of the two systems and to ensuring the smooth operation of sending and acceptance.

  • Consultations with the DOE
  • Photo taken with the Director-General of the DOE following the consultations

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