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Technical Intern Training Program

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January 2019

Memorandum of Cooperation Concluded with Uzbekistan and Consultations Held with JITCO

On January 15, 2019, the government of Japan and the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations signed a memorandum of cooperation relating to technical intern training, and Minister Kudbiyev of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and Ambassador Fazilov jointly visited JITCO on the 17th to hold talks.
Minister Kudbiyev explained the opening of international worker dispatch businesses to private enterprises and otherwise expressed the intention of the government to actively support the sending of technical intern trainees, such as by establishing a Japanese language education system in Uzbekistan, providing interest-free loans for those who wish to work in Japan, and providing incentives in the pension system for overseas workers. JITCO talked about the importance of pre-entry education for technical intern trainees and current issues, etc. to be tackled in order to facilitate sending, while both parties shared their intent to enhance the system of cooperation in order to expand the future sending of technical intern trainees.
Furthermore, on the previous day, a briefing was conducted for the general public at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Tokyo, at which Uzbekistani workers were introduced. This event was a great success, with questions being asked enthusiastically.

Click here for an article about the signing by the two governments of the memorandum of cooperation concerning technical intern training. Click here for the content of the memorandum of cooperation (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website).

  • Minister Kudbiyev
  • Center left: Minister Kudbiyev
    Center right: Ambassador Fazilov

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