Technical Intern Training Program

List of regular yearly or bi-annual consultation

November 2018

Consultations, etc., with the Philippine Government

On November 27, JITCO visited POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), which is the contact point for the Philippine government and held consultations with the head of the POEA, Bernard P. Olalia, and other relevant parties. JITCO talked about the current status of the program since the commencement of enforcement of the Technical Intern Training Act and shared the thoughts of Japanese parties on plans to accept Philippine technical intern trainees with POEA.
Furthermore, during the stay in the Philippines, JITCO conducted consultations and information exchanges with representatives and associates of APLATIP, JEPPCA, and PRAJEC, which are associations of sending organizations, and ensured that there are even stronger relationships, with an eye to future cooperation.

  • Second from the right: Head of POEA, Bernard P. Olalia

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