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Technical Intern Training Program

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December 2017

Cambodian Government Office and Conclusion of New R/D (Record of Discussion)

 On December 25, 2017, JITCO entered a new R/D (record of discussion) with the Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

 Cambodia is the sending country that had cumulatively sent the sixth most technical intern trainees as of 2016, and on November 7, 2017, it concluded a bilateral agreement with the Japanese government, based on the new Technical Intern Training Program. The new R/D between JITCO and the Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training is JITCO’s second R/D for the purpose of promoting and facilitating organization activities that send and accept technical intern trainees under the new policy framework of the Technical Intern Training Act and bilateral agreements, following on from the R/D with Vietnam.

 Based on the new R/D, JITCO hopes to further enhance support services for supervising organizations and technical intern trainees. Specific content covers the provision for a range of services, including the provision of comprehensive sending organization information, promotion of exchange between supervising organizations and sending organizations, promotion of improvement of the quality of sending organizations (which will lead to the promotion and facilitation of the tasks of supervising organizations), guidance regarding Cambodian rules and procedures, and prevention of a range of other issues relating to Cambodia.

 Going forward, JITCO will continue to enter new R/Ds with countries with which it has concluded bilateral agreements, and will lay out the framework for the promotion and facilitation of tasks conducted in relation to sending countries and sending organizations.

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