Technical Intern Training Program

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July 2017

Sri Lanka's Minister of Foreign Employment Visits JITCO (July 2017)

 On July 7, 2017, the Minister of Foreign Employment and the Minister of Skills Development and Vocational Employment in Sri Lanka paid a visit to JITCO.
 JITCO explained the outlines of the revisions to Technical Intern Training Program and its future prospects. The Minister of Foreign Employment expressed her expectation for the smooth use of the program even after the revisions. Also, the Minister stated her wish to get continuous support from JITCO in order to increase the number of TITs from Sri Lanka. In response, JITCO relayed its intention to continue to provide support and maintain the cooperative relationship.

  • Second from right:Minister of Foreign Employment, Ms.Thalatha Atukorale
    Third from right:Minister of Skills Development and Vocational Employment,Mr.Chandima Weerakkody Employment,Mr.Chandima Weerakkody

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