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Technical Intern Training Program

List of regular yearly or bi-annual consultation

July 2012

Consultation with the Department of Labour (DOL), Ministry of Labour, Myanmar

A consultation was held with the Department of Labour (DOL), Ministry of Labour, Myanmar, which is the governmental counterpart authority in Myanmar, on July 29, 2012.
JITCO welcomed the recent movement of democratization in Myanmar, and told that because it would be the third year next year since the revocation of sending organizations accredited by DOL in September 2010, the acceptance had been stopped and the number of acceptance of Myanmarese technical intern trainees had been in decline. JITCO also told that the program is important for human resources development in the fields of agriculture and construction engineering, and that JITCO would like to recommence the program now when the relationship between Japan and Myanmar is rapidly developing.
DOL stated they support the program’s basic idea, and the program might be utilized better now while more Japanese companies are expanding the business in Myanmar. Also, a positive attitude was shown to have close communication to conclude the new R/D (Record of Discussions).

  • Left: Director General Myo Aung

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Any supervising organization interested in accepting technical intern trainees from Myanmar should contact the International Affairs Department.
Contact: Tel: 03-4306-1150/Fax: 03-4306-1112