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February 2012

Meeting with the Laos Government Contact

JITCO gave a courtesy visit to the Minister of the Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare (MLSW), Laos on the morning of February 13, 2012. JITCO explained about the receiving status after the great disaster as well as the receiving status from Laos. The Minister said that the current sending was mainly in the field of agriculture, but she would like to increase the number of sending by increasing the field of occupation. She expressed that she would like to recruit more from outlying regions instead of just from the capital Vientiane, and send out appropriate human resources by substantially performing preliminarily education. The Minister also mentioned that this system had been contributing to the human resource development in Laos.

There was a meeting with the MLSW in the afternoon of the same day. It was mentioned that despite the disaster in Japan there had been no effect in sending, such as people planned to be sent out being hesitant about going to Japan. There was a question about sending caregivers, but JITCO answered that it did not fit in the current system and needed to be negotiated between the governments.

Along with the meeting, there was an exchange of opinions with sending organizations with MLSW present. There were questions about increasing the number of sending, procedures, and other related topics from sending organizations.

  • Courtesy call to the Minister
  • Meeting