Technical Intern Training Program

List of regular yearly or bi-annual consultation

December 2015

Visit by a Delegation from China's Ministry of Commerce

On December 16, 2015, JITCO was visited by a delegation from China’s Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce is the government agency in charge of China’s foreign trade and international economic cooperation and oversees tasks such as granting dispatch licenses to sending organizations and formulating relevant government policies related to the dispatch of labor to foreign countries, including the dispatch of technical intern trainees to Japan. The Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization of China (hereinafter “SJTCOC”), with which JITCO has concluded an R/D, is the government liaison and operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce. On this occasion, the relevant members of the Ministry of Commerce visited Japan and exchanged opinions with JITCO in order to directly assess the situation regarding revisions to the Technical Intern Training Program.
JITCO reported the latest movements regarding revision of the Technical Intern Training Program and expressed its intent to exert all effort in activities as a supporting organization relating to utilization of the program and maintain a sound relationship with the SJTCOC, which it considers an important partner, regarding specific projects.

China’s Ministry of Commerce acknowledged JITCO and the SJTCOC’s role in advancing the Technical Intern Training Program so far, anticipates further strengthening of the relationship between the two organizations, and expressed its wish to liaise closely with the relevant Japanese government departments as a representative of the Chinese government.

  • Right: Ms. Shi Zi Ming, Deputy Director General of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation at China’s Ministry of Commerce
    Left: Mr. Tsuzuki, Senior Vice-President of JITCO