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News and Announcement

Phased relaxation of the Japanese border measures

On February 17, Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference and announced that the framework for border measures would be gradually relaxed from March 1. The door to entry will be open for Technical Intern Trainees and Specified Skilled Workers. The outline of the Prime Minister’s remarks is as follows:

1.Regarding new entry of foreigners, new entry for purposes other than tourism will be permitted under the supervision of the receiving companies/organizations.The additional application procedure taken by the Japanese receiving companies /organizations other than the COE and Visa procedure will be simplified so that it can be completed online on the whole process.
2. Regarding the quarantine period after entry to Japan, the current 7 days in principle will be shortened to 3 days in principle, provided that the pre-immigration inspection, immigration inspection, and inspection on the 3rd day after entry are negative. Those at high risk will stay at the accommodation of the government. In addition, if persons with three-times vaccination are entering from non-designated countries where the infection situation is calm (‘designated countries’ are specified by the Japanese government) , no quarantine period will be required.
3. The number of persons entering Japan per day could be increased from 3,500 to 5,000, and this number will be gradually increased further, watching various factors including the return demand of Japanese people from foreign countries.

It is expected that the specific details and procedures regarding the above will be announced by the Japanese government soon. Upon clarification, JITCO will guide it again in this website.