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principles on privacy protection

  1. Fundamental Values

    Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) is a public service organization.  Its purpose is to the reasonable, smooth promotion of technical intern training program and industrial training program.  We understand that it is JITCO's social responsibility to protect and appropriately manage all personal information collected both directly and indirectly.  We have designed this Privacy Policy to promote thoroughness in private information protection management within our organization and those organizations that we assist.  We strive to be a public service organization that is trustworthy in society.

    The following principles on privacy protection are designed to perform this social duty.

    1. We observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection in the handling of all personal information.  We are committed to educating all board members and employees to ensure complete understanding of privacy protection.
    2. We establish management systems to safeguard privacy and ensure that collecting, using, and disclosing personal information is only performed under the conditions specified in Section 2 and thereafter.
    3. We protect personal information from improper disclosure or modification, and from unauthorized access, information leaks, loss and/or damage.  We ensure recognition of the importance of privacy protection.
  2. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use
    1. JITCO will only collect personal information by appropriate and fair methods.  The purpose of use will be clearly indicated upon request for any information, be it written or through the Internet.  When the purpose is clearly stated, the intent of use may be not be specifically restated.
    2. JITCO will collect personal information for the following purposes:
      1. Advice and assistance for technical interns and trainees upon entry to the country or commencement of residence in the country.
      2. Procedure and assistance of evaluation of technical intern trainees.
      3. Grasp of the situation implementing technical intern training and in the issuance of certification.
      4. Advice and assistance for technical interns and trainees regarding safety and health, theparticipation to the private insurance for compensation for an injury and illness.
      5. Public relations, advertising and/or promotional activities for seminars or lectures related to technical intern training program and industrial training program.
    3. Any information collected before this law came into effect (April 1st 2005), kept in any database will be continued to be used for the abovementioned purposes.
  3. Disclosure Of Private Information To Any Third Party

    JITCO will not disclose any personal information without prior consent of the principal, excluding such cases as stated below:

    1. In any instance required by law or other regulations.
    2. In the event that the information is required to protect life, physical safety and/or property, regardless if consent from the principal of the information cannot be obtained.
    3. In the event that a government representative is performing duties required by law or regulation, and the information must be provided.
    4. In order to complete the original purpose of information collection, JITCO may request instruction or supervision from outside sources necessitating the disclosure of information.
  4. The Safe Management of Personal Information

    Any and all personal information collected will be managed by all necessary and appropriate safety management procedures and systems in order to avoid inappropriate access, information leaks, loss and/or damage.

  5. Disclosure of Registered Information

    JITCO will maintain information to ensure accuracy and currency, and will disclose and/or delete stored information upon request by the principal of the information.  If any information is found to be inaccurate, updating procedures will commence to ensure accuracy and currency.

  6. Adherence to Laws and Standards Regarding Personal Information

    JITCO will adhere to the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and the Guidelines for the Handling of Personal Information as issued by all related and relevant ministries in the handling of all personal information.

  7. Internet Protocol Address Use

    In order to ensure protective management, the acquisition of statistics and use of websites, JITCO will collect and analyze information as is relevant.  Such information will not be used for any other purpose.

  8. Non-Disclosure of Cookies

    Cookies perform the function of saving small amounts of relevant data such as bookmarks or identification of webpage users, and therefore may constitute a breach of privacy.  JITCO will not disclose any cookies unless requested by effective legal process.

  9. Guarantees, Limitations of Responsibility and Effectiveness of Japanese Law

    The responsibility of use of the JITCO homepage is the viewers, and any issues arising from the use of the webpage, associated links is outside the jurisdiction of JITCO's responsibility.  The webpage has global access wherein non-Japanese law is in effect.  Accessing the JITCO webpage effects consent to the full range of Japanese Law regardless of the location of access.

  10. Changes in the Privacy Policy

    In accordance with any changes in related laws, regulations or guidelines concerning the protection of personal information, the Privacy Policy shall change concurrently.

For any inquires concerning the Privacy Policy:

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