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The Information Exchange Plaza for Training and Technical Internship

This page is dedicated to sharing reports on great activities at various accepting organizations, and it's designed to make the training programs more interesting and effective. Please enjoy! There are so many good experiences to share!

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Titles Contributors Date
Technical Intern Trainee Follow-up Workshop Held GREEN TEC Corporation 17/11/17
Launch of JITCO Skill Map Promotion Project and Introduction of Events Participated in by Technical Intern Trainees Hitachi Ibaraki Technical Service, Ltd. 17/01/27
Took part in the 8th Japanese speech contest for technical intern for foreignertrainee. The Shindenkyo Cooperative Society New telegraph and telephone cooperative business association 16/11/22
A Video for Families back Home The Mie Kumano-Kodo Society of Commerce and Industry 16/05/17
Co-op Office's Idle Space Becomes Recreation Area for Technical Intern Trainees TOA Cooperative 15/05/25
Technical Intern Trainees Participate in 7th Spring Festival in Nagoya! Skilled Laborer Support Business Association 13/06/24
Technical Intern Trainee Japanese Essay Presentation Contest Held! Fukuoka Technical Intern Trainee Acceptance Liaison Council 13/03/27
Wild & Crazy Costumed Mud Volleyball Tournament - Best Costume Prize Given to Unusual Costumes A COOPERATIVE URBAN PLANNING 13/01/25
Barbecue party held. COOPERATIVE JAPAN ENGINEER CLUB 12/12/19
Joint Study Session and Discussion Held Japan Auto Business Cooperative Society 12/11/14
Cheerfully Participated in "Saioh Matsuri" in Heian Era Costumes Kio Cooperative Association 12/08/20
Effort in Japanese Language Education for Technical Intern Trainees Cooperative Logitec Aichi 12/07/03
Foreign Culture Communication Experience Ube International Keyperson Cooperative 12/05/28
Celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Years, Chun Jie and Tet, Together Ichinohe Fashion Center Co., Ltd.
(Iwate Apparel Cooperative)
Farewell Party for Technical Intern Trainees Returning Home:Expressing Their Feelings in Song Kanuma Kikai Kinzoku Kogyo Cooperative 12/02/03
Daily Thanks Through a Vietnamese Food Booth at the Local Community Center Festival Chushikoku Nosuisan Syokuhin Kyodokumiai 12/01/18
Axis Participates in the National Foreign Trainees Speech Contest in Fukuoka!! Cooperative Society Axis 11/12/21
Mental Health Care for Technical Intern Trainees Ube International Keyperson Cooperative 11/12/15
It's show time!!
Don't you dance "BAMBOO DANCE" ?
Minaminippon Shipbuilding Cooperative Association 11/11/14
Raising Money for the East Japan Disaster Charity Cooperative Society Axis 11/08/24
Organization of a Family Meeting Friends Cooperative Association 11/08/04
mottainai + kaizen = ECO Minaminippon Shipbuilding Cooperative Association 11/07/04
Japanese Language Instruction Visitation Training Ube International Keyperson Cooperative 11/06/14
Experiencing Japanese Culture at "TAMBAYAN" Minaminippon Shipbuilding Cooperative Association 11/05/13
Participation in the "Kanuma World Festival" Vietnam Café and Speech Recital Kanuma Kikai Kinzoku Kogyo Cooperative 11/03/29
Japanese Language Essay Contest by Technical Intern Trainees was Held! Fukuoka Technical Intern Trainee Acceptance Liaison Council 11/02/15
Socializing Event in Vietnam with the Families of Technical Intern Trainees Shikoku Suisan Syokuryohin Seizogyo Cooperative 11/01/26
Awarding ceremony and socializing event for the successful applicant of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 was held in Vietnam IMO New Business Development Cooperative 10/11/24
Participation in the International Exchange Soccer Competition Friends Cooperative Association 10/11/09
Participated in the Second National Foreign Trainees Speech Contest in Fukuoka!! Cooperative Society Axis 10/10/28
The first KII Speech Contest Kanto Information Industry Cooperative 10/08/16
Activities at Association (Newspaper Publishing, Dance Team Organizing, Staple Dish for Dinner) Minaminippon Shipbuilding Cooperative Association 10/07/21
Speech Contest for Trainees in Tokyo The Tozai Commerce Cooperative 10/07/21
Many Ways to Enjoy Chinese New Year The Japan-China Business Support Association 10/05/06
Award Ceremony for Returnees in Tsingtao The Cooperative Logitech Aichi 10/03/30
Trainee Compete in Speech Contest Cooperative Society Axis 10/03/01
Vietnamese Food and Fashion Show The Kanuma Machinery and Metal Industrial Cooperative 09/12/10
Meeting of Families in Viet Nam The IMO New Business Development Cooperative 09/12/08
Friendship beyond Nationality The Fukuoka International Management Cooperative 09/11/12
Keeping Families in Home Countries updated through the Cooperative Blog Cooperative Society Axis 09/11/12
Taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test The Kanto Hokuriku Steel Construction Cooperative 09/11/12
Online Japanese Class While Temporary Absence from Training The Shizuoka Keiyukai Cooperative 09/11/12
Regional Liaison Council Organizes Japanese Essay Contest The Fukuoka Accepting Organizations Liaison Council for International Trainees 09/11/04
Japanese Speech Contest for Trainees in Fukuoka The Shindenkyo Cooperative Society 09/10/29
Trainees Participate in Yosakoi Naruko Dance The Shikoku Seafood Manufacturers Cooperative 09/10/05
Technical Interns Participate in Local Bridal Festival The Shikoku Seafood Manufacturers Cooperative 09/10/05
Trainees Participate in Japanese Dance Festival The Electronic device and Machine parts Product Cooperative 09/10/05
Trainees in Kurosaki Gion Festival The Shindenkyo Cooperative Society 09/10/05
Soccer Match and Farewell Party The Kanuma Machinery and Metal Industrial Cooperative 09/08/27
5 Trainees and 10 Interns Hold the "Best Morning Assembly" The Fukuoka Business Exchange Cooperative 09/08/27
Trainees and Interns Performing at the Chinese New Year Festival Chusho Kigyo Shinko Kyodo Kumiai
(The Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Promotion Cooperative)
Winning First Prize at the Skills Exhibition The Tozai Commerce Cooperative 09/03/25
Vietnamese Trainees Participates in the International Festival The Kanuma Machinery and Metals Cooperative 09/02/24
Self-Development Seminar for Trainees The Friends Cooperative 09/01/22

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