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Joint Seminars hosted by Sending and Supervising Organizations

Joint Seminar with Sending Organizations in Philippine

June 22, 2007
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization

On May 31, 2007, JITCO hosted a joint seminar in Tokyo with the aim for the certified sending organizations in Philippine and accepting organizations in Japan to strengthen mutual cooperation through information exchange. This event was held based on the Filipino organizations' requests that they would like to look for new partners. Five governmental representatives, 30 members from 25 sending organizations and 53 members from 38 accepting organizations participated to exchange information and views on the current situation.

Following the greeting from Mr. Sada, JITCO's Executive Vice-President, Mr. Kamiya, JITCO's Senior Vice President & General Manager of International Affairs Department explained the roles and responsibilities of sending and accepting organizations to adequately implement the training programs. Moreover, Mr. Mondejar, Head of Region 6 Office at Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) presented the past record for trainee dispatch and the organization's activities for 2006.

JITCO's keynote presentation

TESDA's keynote presentation

During the presentation, sending organizations requested the accepting organizations to accept more trainees and interns and also they indicated that they will continue to provide necessary information for accepting organizations, JITCO, TESDA and Philippine Embassy in order to reduce problems. Accepting organizations presented the number of trainees and technical interns they received from Philippine, their impression on them and explained their lifestyle guidance and support system. As the closing, active discussion was made on management expenses, appropriate screening of applicants and support system for trainees in Japan.

A scene from the event

On the day before the seminar, TESDA and JITCO held a discussion on appropriate process for sending the trainees/interns and providing support for returnees. TESDA explained the current TESDA organization structure and requested for JITCO's support to 1) increase the number of trainees, 2) extend the training period, 3) expand the types of businesses, 4) standardize training allowance, and 5) speed up the process for issuing Certificate of Eligibility. In response, JITCO stressed that 1) the number of trainees supported by JITCO is increasing steadily and exceeded 3,000 in 2006 but at the same time, it must be recognized that many problems such as low wages, infringement of human right and broker interference are arising, and 2) sending organizations must recognize the importance of maintaining "Transparency" about payment of training allowances and wages.

A scene from the discussion