List of contact points of governments that have signed JITCO R/D agreements & their respective Accredited Sending Organizations

  1. "Accredited Sending Organization" means sending organizations authorized by the Government contact point of each country which has signed "The Record of Discussions(R/D) " with JITCO.

  2. JITCO has assigned numbers to each organization and abbreviated names of some organizations for convenience sake.

Contact point of the Indian government: MSDE

National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC)

Approved Sending Organization

  • *Under the new Technical Intern Training Program which came into force on November 1st 2017, Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the government of sending country and the government of Japan is to be concluded and the both governments aim to abolish inappropriate sending organizations in cooperation with each other.

  • *MoC between the governments of India and Japan was concluded on October 17th 2017.

  • >For more information on the MoC (Website of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

  • *On 23rd March 2018, the list of Indian Approved Sending Organizations based on the MoC was published on the website of Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT).

  • >For more information on Approved Sending Organizations (Website of OTIT)