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“2013 JITCO Convention: Developing People, Exchanges and Friendship” Held

October 2013
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO)

 The "2013 JITCO Convention: Developing People, Exchanges and Friendship" was held at Keidanren Kaikan (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on Friday, October 4. Here is a report on the convention, which about 290 people attended.

President Shotaro Tochigi's opening remarks

 First, JITCO President Shotaro Tochigi gave the opening remarks. He reported that JITCO plans to continue strengthening its internal governance and streamlining its work as a public interest incorporated foundation. He expressed the hope that the convention would serve as an opportunity for those involved with the program to share information and momentum, and that it would help the program to be implemented smoothly.

 Next, in part one of the convention, JITCO Executive Vice-President Yoshio Niijima presented the “"JITCO Technical Intern and Trainee Status Report," ” which reported on JITCO’'s activities, etc.
 Mr. Niijima introduced a summary of the survey about the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as a variety of endeavors to support the program, including the holding of seminars. He also reported the number of cases of missing persons and accidents and the results of traveling instruction conducted by JITCO offices, and he again urged for the program to be made more adequate.

Part 1: “JITCO Technical Intern and Trainee Status Report” Executive Vice-President Yoshio Niijima

 In part two, "“Efforts to Make the Technical Intern Training Program More Adequate," ” lectures were given by three government ministries: the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

 First, Entry and Status Division Chief Kuniaki Ishioka of the MOJ’'s Immigration Bureau gave a report explaining the numbers of technical intern trainees newly entering the country and of those presently in the country. He then talked about the status of the MOJ'’s recognition of misconduct and shared some points to keep in mind, illustrating them with specific examples.

MOJ Immigration Bureau Entry and Status Division Chief, Mr. Kuniaki Ishioka

MHLW Human Resources Development Bureau, Overseas Cooperation Division, Foreigner'’s Training Office Deputy Director, Mr. Yotaro Ohji

 From the MHLW, Mr. Yotaro Ohji, Deputy Director of the Human Resources Development Bureau Overseas Cooperation Division, Foreigner'’s Training Office, gave a speech.
 He talked about inspection instruction by and referral to labor standards inspection agencies with regard to violations of the Labor Standards Act, sharing specific examples as he spoke. And he explained some legal points to keep in mind regarding the proper operation of the program.

MLIT Policy Bureau, International Policy Division, Senior Officer for International Market Planning, Mr. Michitaro Nakai

 Finally, a report was given by Mr. Michitaro Nakai, Director for Global Market Development in the MLIT Policy Bureau, International Policy Division. He explained the human resource development being conducted using the technical intern training program in the construction field in Vietnam, and he introduced efforts being made between Japan and Vietnam.

Part three consisted of the award ceremony for the 21st Japanese Essay Contest. The presentation of awards took place, and the top four winners gave presentations of their winning entries. Please see the separate article for details.
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