Technical Intern Training Program

List of regular yearly or bi-annual consultation

June 2017

Regular Consultations Held with Cambodian Government Liaison

 On June 14, 2017, JITCO officials paid their respects to the Minister of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in addition to holding regular consultations with the MLVT on June 12.
 JITCO explained about the trends of the revision of Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), as well as about JITCO’s role after the program’s revisions and the situation of Cambodian technical intern trainees (TITs). The MLVT stated their wish to increase the number of TITs sent, as well as to continue their cooperative relations with JITCO. In response, JITCO relayed its intention to continue providing support.
 Both sides agreed that it is necessary to maintain and strengthen the cooperative relationship in order to deal with the smooth transition of the newly revised program.
 On June 13, a seminar for sending organizations was held, with MLVT officials along with 91 people from 36 different sending organizations in attendance. JITCO explained the contents of the revision of TITP as well as the situation concerning sending from Cambodia and points to keep in mind.

  • Right: MLVT Minister Ith Samheng
  • Left side, 3rd from left: MLVT Director General Seng Sakda
  • Seminar for Sending Organizations

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