Technical Intern Training Program

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September 2013

Discussions Held with Cambodian Government Liaison

JITCO held discussions on September 12, 2013 with Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT).
JITCO noted that 2013 marked the 10th year since signing an R/D with Cambodia in 2003, and it expressed appreciation for the country’s cooperation thus far. It also pointed out that Cambodia currently ranks 6th in the number of technical intern trainees, and, as that number is expected to increase even more this year, JITCO asked the MLVT to continue striving for the appropriate growth of the system. Also, JITCO noted that China, Thailand, and Vietnam had made good use of the system thus far in achieving economic growth, and the returning technical intern trainees from Japanese companies who had expanded into these countries were highly regarded. Commenting that using the system is proving effective for Cambodia’s economic growth as well, JITCO said it would like the MLVT to continue putting the system to use for nation-building.
The MLVT expressed high regard for JITCO’s cooperation thus far and said its returning technical intern trainees have great skills, which they feel is contributing to an increase in Japanese companies expanding into Cambodia. The MLVT stated that it would like to increase the number of female technical intern trainees, as well as to work on enriching Japanese language training.
A sending organization seminar was held on September 13. In addition to MLVT officials, 38 people from 23 sending organizations attended, and JITCO presented an overview of its system.
On September 13-14, the delegation visited four approved sending organizations and conducted briefings.

  • Left side, 2nd from left: Undersecretary Chap Rithy
  • Sending organization seminar

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