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Technical Intern Training Program

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May 2016

Visit by Mongolia's Minister of Labor and Explanation on Sending Organizations

On May 16th, 2016, Mongolia’s Minister of Labor, Mr. G.Bayarsaikhan, paid a visit to JITCO, accompanied by members of the Mongolian Ministry of Labor, a point of contact with the Mongolian government, and the Mongolian Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Khurelbaatar.

Mr. Bayarsaikhan stated the Mongolian government’s desire to build an industry with added-value relating to their nation’s abundant natural resources and stressed the importance of human resource development in order to achieve this goal. Accordingly, he expressed his high expectations of leveraging Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) and his hope that this visit to Japan would help increase the number of trainees dispatched from Mongolia.

JITCO welcomed Mr. Bayarsaikhan and the other members of the envoy and confirmed its intention to provide full support so that sending organizations and receiving organizations of trainees may interact more actively, given that the TITP is a private-sector focused scheme based on the intentions of both the sending and receiving parties.

In light of the discussion, the Mongolian envoy stated its desire to cooperate with JITCO to establish specific measures for the future expansion of trainee dispatch activities based on a strong relationship of trust between the two countries, as well as its intention to ensure ongoing interaction between the Mongolian Ministry of Labor and JITCO after the TITP is amended and endeavor to create an even more mutually-beneficial relationship.

In response to a request from the Mongolian representatives, JITCO hosted a seminar to explain about the proposed amendments to the TITP, which was attended by approximately 60 people from the Mongolian sending organizations who accompanied the Minister of Labor on this visit.

  • 2nd from left: Mr. Bayarsaikhan, Minister of Labor
    3rd from left: Mongolian Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Khurelbaatar

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