List of contact points of governments that have signed JITCO R/D agreements & their respective Accredited Sending Organizations

  1. "Accredited Sending Organization" means sending organizations authorized by the Government contact point of each country which has signed "The Record of Discussions(R/D) "and "Supplementary Record of Discussions (Supplementary R/D)" with JITCO.

  2. JITCO has assigned numbers to each organization and abbreviated names of some organizations for convenience sake.

Contact point of the Philippine government: POEA

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Department of Labour and Employment

The number of Accredited Sending Organizations: 67

  Abbreviation Name of Accredited Sending Organizations City Name
1 ACTSMA Achievers of Career in Technology and Skills Manpower Agency, Inc. Manila
2 AJM Ajm Placement & Recruitment Agency, Inc. Manila
3 ALIZABETH Alizabeth Recruitment Incorporated Manila
4 AML AML&GS Placement Enterprises Company Inc. Manila
5 ANIFEL Anifel Management & General Services Corporation Manila
6 ARK Ark Overseas Human Resource Corp. Manila
7 ASAHI Asahi International Manpower Corp. Manila
8 ASIA REACH Asia Reach International Management & Contractor Services, Inc. Manila
9 AWRI ALL Awri-All-World Recruitment Inc. Manila
10 CHARTREUSE PRIME Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. Manila
11 CONFEDERAL PROJECT Confederal Project Manpower Service Inc. Negros Occidental
12 DIAMOND Diamond Overseas Manpower Enterprises Manila
13 DOBIM Dobim International Manpower Services Manila
14 ED-FRO-BON ED-FRO-BON Manpower Services Manila
15 EFFICIENT Efficient International Manpower Services, Inc. Manila
16 ESPANDIA Espandia Manpower Corporation Cebu
17 EVERLAST Everlast International Placements, Inc. Manila
18 FAASI Faasi International Corporation Benguet
19 FINDSTAFF Findstaff Placement Services, Inc. Manila
20 GIANT Giant International Employment Agency Inc. Manila
21 GLOBAL EXPERTISE Global-Expertise Management Inc. Manila
22 GLOBAL UNLIMITED Global Unlimited International Manpower, Inc. Manila
23 GODS FORTUNE God's Fortune International Manpower Services Manila
24 GOLDEN GATEWAY Golden Gateway International Manpower Services Inc. Cebu
25 GOLDMARC Goldmarc International Career Corp. Manila
26 IKON Ikon Solutions Asia Inc. Manila
27 IMES IMES Global Inc. Manila
28 IOI Interasia Outsource, Inc. Manila
29 JCJ JCJ Management Services and International Promotions Manila
30 JOPMAN Jopman Corporation Manila
31 JSL JSL Interplacement Services Manila
32 KENMORE Kenmore Placement International Agency Inc. Manila
33 KOOKIES Kookies International Recruitment Agency Inc. Manila
34 MAANYAG Maanyag International Manpower Corp. Manila
35 MANILA INTERNATIONAL Manila International Recruitment Service Inc. Manila
36 MISSION WAY Mission Way Manpower Service Inc. Manila
37 MITCH Mitch International Recruitment Agency Manila
38 MULTI ORIENT Multi-Orient Manpower and Management Services Inc. Manila
39 MULTI RESOURCES Multi Resources Development Corporation Manila
40 NEVIKA Nevika Human Resource International, Inc. Manila
41 NHRFI NHRFI Human Resources International Inc. Manila
42 OCEAN DYNAMIC Ocean Dynamic International Corporation La Union
43 OPAS INTERNATIONAL Overseas Professional Achievers International Inc. Manila
44 OROBLESS Orobless International Recruitment Agency Services, Inc. Manila
45 PERPETUAL Perpetual Help Placement Services International, Inc. Manila
46 PHATES Phates Management Resources Inc. Manila
47 PHILAPEX Phil-Apex Placement Agency Inc. Negros Occidental
48 PHILASSIST Phil Assist Life Manpower Corporation Manila
49 PHILCANGO Philcango International Recruitment Services Inc. Manila
50 PHRI Philasia Human Resources, Inc. Manila
51 PRECISE Precise Global Manpower Services Recruitment Agency Inc. Manila
52 PRETICHAGE Pretichage Manpower Service Inc. Batangas
53 PRUDENTIAL Prudential Employment Agency Inc. Manila
54 RCS RCS Promotion and Overseas Placement Agency Manila
55 RHV RHV Placement Agency International Inc. Cavite
56 RICHELLE Richelle Manpower Agency Co. Cebu
57 ROYAL GEM Royal Gem Resources & Manpower Development Corp. Manila
58 SPEAR INTERNATIONAL Spear International Manpower and Trading Manila
59 STUDIO 85 Studio 85 Promotions Inc. Manila
60 SUMMIT Summit Placement and Resources Transfer Corp. Manila
61 TAI FIL Tai-Fil Manpower Services Corporation Manila
62 TRICASTLE Tricastle International, Inc. Negros Occidental
63 UNO OVERSEAS Uno Overseas Placement Inc. Manila
64 VERDANT Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center Inc. Manila
65 WEST CEBU West Cebu People Solutions Inc. Cebu
66 WHITE DOVE White Dove Recruitment Corp. Laguna
67 ZAREIKO Zareiko Productions Inc. Manila